Leather & Suede Repair, Shoe Repair

Not just SHOE repair! We repair all kinds of leather and suede items in our shop in Chestnut Hill, PA

Carman’s Shoe Repair can refurbish, repair and recondition all types of leather shoes and boots, belts and accessories.   We have the experience of 3 generations of leather repair, reconditioning, spot removal and damage repair.  We can custom dye shoes to restore the color or even completely chnage the color.  If a handbag or piece of luggage needs a new strap, we hand-cut the leather and hand dye to match the original.


  • Leather shoes, belts and handbags
  • Leather sneakers, replace sneaker soles, repair sneaker mid soles, recolor faded sneakers
  • Work boots
  • Repair broken or damaged heels, even wooden heels
  • Leather seat cushions, straps
  • Luggage
  • Leather jackets, gloves
  • Leather sports equipment, baseball gloves, equipment bags, ice skates, dance shoes
  • Specialty items, collectibles, family heirlooms

Reconditioning, Repairs, Sole Replacement, Strap Replacement

Don't give up on that favorite pair of shoes! These sandals came into our shop in terrible shape. They were well loved with a lot of miles on them, missing a toe loop and a sole. The owner just couldn't part with them. They required a full replacement soles and heel bases, along with a new leather strap toe loop, which we custom dyed to match. We reconditioned the leather uppers to restore their suppleness and luster.  Now they are ready for many more seasons of love. We are thrilled with how they turned out!

Custom Dye, Color Change, Color Restoration

  • Custom dye for any leather or suede shoes, handbags
  • Custom dye bottom of designer shoes with Red Carpet Red Paint

If you're not sure if we can repair or modify something, just ask us.  We think we've seen it all, but we love a challenge.  Get in touch with us using our contact form.

We can do a lot more than recondition your shoes and replace your soles!  We can replace broken zippers, fix broken straps and eyelets, and even make complex adjustments or alterations.  We also recondition riding boots, tack gear and just about anything made out of leather or suede.  Just ask us!

  • Fabric and leather dyeing
  • Stain removal
  • Heel height adjustment
  • Orthopedic alterations
  • Strap, loop and buckle repairs and replacements