Carman’s Shoe and Leather Repair in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia

Over the years, various members of Carman’s family have worked for the business in varying capacities, while he continued serve the community. In 1974, Carman’s brother, Lou, who also worked for the business, was tragically killed in an automobile accident. This tragedy had an influence on Carman Jr, (the current owner) to begin his trade. After his college graduation, he decided it best to work full-time in the family business.

In 1984, Carmen Jr. bought the business. The business remained at the 8113 location until 1997. At that time, Carman Jr. relocated the business to another family-operated building at 8111 Germantown Avenue.

Once at the new location, Carmen set his sights on continuing to improve the business. Sadly, Carmen Sr. and his wife have since passed away. Continuing the family tradition, in June of 2005, Carmen renovated the 8111 location in order to not only expand the overall size of the store, but also update it into the modern shoe store and repair shop it is today. It has now has numerous retail items, while still offering all types of shoe and leather repair.

Carman’s current knowledgeable and courteous staff consists of Carman, Larry with 45 years of shoe repair experience, Willie with 39 years of experience, Caroline, Ryan, and Andrew.
Carman’s Shoe repair, located in Chestnut Hill (Phila.) has been a family-operated business since its inception in 1937. The business was founded by Carmen Notarianni Sr. who was an immigrant from Italy. The business’ original location was 8113 Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill.

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